Aspirin helps fall asleep

Aspirin is a good aid to help people fall asleep easier and is extremely helpful for anyone in the family who has had a stressful day and is a little tense. This is true for children also as they need to get enough good sleep as well. Most family physicians would agree that a low dose or baby aspirin occasionally be ok for anyone in the family.

Good sleep in important for everyone in the family—every night. Frequent problems sleeping lead to so many health problems both for adults and children. Sleep is important because that is when the body repairs the damage done to the body because of the stress of everyday living. When anyone in the family has problems sleeping it can disrupt the while family.

Childhood is the time when some sleep problems can lead to life long bad sleep habits for a child. So, infrequent sleep problems must be handled as quickly as possible before they become frequent sleep problems. Chronic sleeping problems can be a symptom of other conditions, such as sleep apnea, depression, lung disease, or diabetes. So, it is very important to see a doctor if you or anyone else in your family is having trouble sleeping that last 2 weeks.

Low dose aspirin is an excellent sleeping aid as well as a glass of milk (warm) especially for children. Both aspirin and warm milk can’t hurt anyone and if you have any type of pain, it can certainly help. When I was about six years old, I often couldn’t go to sleep because of pains in my leg muscles from running and playing during the day. My mother would often give me baby aspirin. That was many years ago when there were not any doctors who specialized in sleep problems and our family doctor told my mom that my leg problems were only growing pains.

Studies have since shown that daily low doses of aspirin are good for everyone’s heart and blood circulation so most doctors would say that it is a good habit for everyone in your family to get used to doing, especially if there is any family history of heart attacks.

Giving a child a low dose of aspirin occasionally for sleep does not make you a bad parent. A child who gets plenty of sleep and sleeps well is more likely to be happy during the day. The better a child sleeps, the better the rest of the family sleeps and that make for a much happier family.

Aspirin helps people fall asleep better and is extremely helpful for anyone in the family who has had a stressful day and is a little tense.