Music in the background is a good way to relax if you suffer from a sleep disorder such as insomnia.

Insomnia means you are having a hard time going to sleep. It also can mean that you are having a hard time staying asleep. Most people who suffer from insomnia say that they remember turning and tossing all night long or remember being awake at night. Nights when I have insomnia I just can’t seem to turn my mind off and often can’t even close my eyes.

The sources for insomnia are many and can be anxiety, stress, medications, too much caffeine, depressions or other mental conditions. And often it sometimes happens for no reason at all. Pain anywhere or an overactive mind may be causes. Finding the cause of insomnia is sometime the hardest problem but it the most necessary to cure it.

If you believe you are not getting enough sleep or that you are suffering from insomnia, talk to your family doctor. If your family physician feels that you may suffer from insomnia and helpful tips for dealing with insomnia are not helping, he may ask that you keep a sleep diary, or even have you stay overnight at a sleep center so your sleep patterns can be monitored.

In a sleep study, sensors are used to chart your sleep patterns at night. They measure all types of physical responses such as brain waves, breathing, heartbeats, blood pressure and other bodily responses. This study will provide your family doctor with important data to help see if you have a serious sleep disorder or help find the reason for your sleep problems,

The first change that your doctor may suggest is to change some of your habits from bad habits to good habits. These include reducing your stress level by using relaxation techniques or visualization, making lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, cutting down on caffeinated drinks, or not taking daytime naps. Changing to a healthier diet and starting an exercise program are also helpful as a healthy body is better able to have no sleep problems.

Soft music playing in the background is a great way to help you relax and fall sleep. You may find that using a sound machine that makes the sounds of rain falling or waterfalls may also help. I have used one for years now and can’t fall asleep without the sound of a summer rain shower.

Remember that if these changes do not help with your insomnia, and your sleep problem continues nightly for at least 14 nights, you should visit with your family doctor as sleep disorders can be symptoms of a more serious medical condition.

But try the soft music after soaking in a warm bath first. You might be surprised how much that will help especially if you add a warm glass of milk.