Tips for helping to cure insomnia

Are you looking for help in sleeping? Perhaps this article can provide you with some tips to cure insomnia.

Insomnia is when you have difficulty going to sleep. It also can mean you have difficulty staying asleep. Those who suffer with insomnia say they toss and turn all night long or can remember being awake during night. When I have insomnia I can’t seem to stop my mind from racing and sometimes can’t even shut my eyes.

The best sleep aids are the natural sleep aids and natural aids should always be tried first to help with occasional insomnia. Included in these are reducing stress by using relaxation or visualization techniques, making changes such as stopping smoking, cutting down or eliminating caffeine, eliminating any naps during the day, and getting as much light as possible during your waking hours. Other natural sleep aids are small things such as starting to eat better as well as beginning an exercise program.

It is important to manage the stress in your life as this allows you to more easily relax at night or when it’s time to sleep. Another helpful method is to connect the bedroom with sleeping by limiting the time spent in the bedroom for non-sleep activities. So take your television, computer and office out of the bedroom. Also reduce the use of stimulants such as caffeine and avoid large meals just before bed as this can help reduce insomnia. A person can also try soaking in a hot bath to relax or listening to some soft music before going to bed.

There are many herbal sleep aids that have been used for years by people who have trouble sleeping. One of the most common is called Valerian and has been used for years in Europe for help with insomnia. In the United States Valerian is sold as a dietary supplement. It is not certain how this herb works, but studies have shown that Valerian does help with sleep and also with stress. Valerian does have some side effects so before taking this herbal supplement; you should discuss taking it with your pharmacist – especially if you are on any other prescription medications.

Melatonin is an aid to help with sleep — especially for those who suffer from sleeplessness from doing shift work or from jet lag while traveling. Melatonin is a natural hormone produced when serotonin, another hormone, is exposed to the decreasing light at night. Melatonin does have some side effects and is not recommends for use by anyone with depression, autoimmune diseases, schizophrenia, or other serious illness. Pregnant women and those who are nursing should not use melatonin.

Other common over-the-counter (OTC) sleep medication such as Nytol or Sominex can be tried but, again, a person should discuss with their doctor before taking any of these sleep aids especially if you suffers from or are being treated for depression, other mental health problems, or Parkinson’s disease.

In the end, the best help to fall asleep is naturally by correcting any poor sleep habits. . Taking a pill for a problem is buying into the mindset of turning to a pill to solve a problem which can cause problems in other areas of a person’s life. So popping a pill should be a measure of last resource.