Sleep Apnea Advice You Need To Know

TIP! Think about changing a few of your habits to help with your sleep apnea. If you drink and smoke, you need to quit now.

If you are a sleep apnea sufferer, you are aware that it can destroy your health and rob you of your sleep. It is very important that in order to lead a happy and healthy life, you are getting a good amount of quality sleep each night. You have the control to get the proper treatment for sleep apnea. Continue on and learn about some great way to help you control your sleep apnea.

TIP! Ask your doctor to recommend a good CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea. Think about the machine’s size and noise levels.

Try getting rid of bad habits to better your sleep apnea. Two of the biggest problems are drinking and smoking. Drinking can overly relax your respiratory system and may cause breathing problems. Cigarettes can hurt your lungs, possibly even causing lung cancer. Letting these habits go can reduce your symptoms and make sleeping easier.

TIP! Do you drink and smoke? If you suffer from sleep apnea, quit smoking and cut down on your alcohol consumption. Alcohol and tobacco both cause airway problems.

Do you smoke or drink? Take steps to eliminate these unhealthy habits. Both have a negative influence on your air passages. Smoking can cause your airways to swell up while alcohol will make your airway more relaxed, which can cause sleep apnea. Eliminate drinking or smoking before bedtime if you can’t avoid them entirely.

TIP! If you want relief from sleep apnea symptoms, one way to get it is to start playing a woodwind instrument. Some studies have shown that an instrument like the didgeridoo can help you improve the muscles in your throat.

Regular practice on a wind instrument can minimize some of your sleep apnea symptoms. Regular playing of the didgeridoo has been found by German scientists to strengthen the muscles of the upper airway. These muscles are responsible for dilating your airway and causing the walls of the airway to stiffen. Because of this, playing it regularly can help you breathe better when you sleep.

Sleep Apnea

TIP! Many children suffer with sleep apnea. If you find your child is innatentive, always tired or uses their mouth to breath and not their nose, they may suffer from this condition.

To keep your sleep apnea in check, eat a healthy diet to lose weight. Some people are surprised to learn how much a bad diet effects sleep apnea. Research indicates that less nutritious food may exacerbate sleep apnea.

TIP! Look for other sleeping aids besides sleeping pills. Similar to alcohol, a sleeping pill will relax the muscles in your throat.

Try not to drink alcohol as much. Alcohol relaxes the muscles too much. Drinking alcohol will make it hard for you to get through the night if you have sleep apnea. Like the rest of your muscles, those around your throat and airway relax under the influence of alcohol, making it harder for you to maintain a proper air passage. If eliminating it is not an option, cut back and make sure you do it well before bedtime.

TIP! A diagnosis of sleep apnea is performed by analyzing your medical history as well as your family history, followed by a physical exam. In addition, a sleep study may be required.

Some cases of sleep apnea are quite severe. If you see any signs, go get yourself an opinion right away. A specialist in sleep disorders can order the tests necessary to diagnose the condition.

TIP! If you suffer from sleep apnea, get your allergy and sinus problems treated. You already find it hard to breathe during the night because of your symptoms.

If you can, sleep on one of your sides. Some sleep apnea patients lay on their backs. Sleeping flat on your back may cause your throat and mouth tissues to obstruct your airways. However, breathing is much easier if you sleep on your side instead. If you have trouble staying off of your back, sew a tennis ball into the back of your sleeping clothes. This will help you stay on your side while you’re sleeping.

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TIP! A good nasal spray can be helpful if you are having trouble breathing. You will get relief from this for a little while.

If you need to be hospitalized for some reason, be sure that you take your CPAP machine with you to the hospital. You need to take your CPAP machine with you whenever you go to the ER or any routine hospitalization, such as for surgery. The machine that you bring will help you find comfort at the hospital because it is the one you always use. Having your own familiar equipment eases the strangeness of being in the hospital, and helps you sleep more restfully.

TIP! Working out your tongue can help treat your sleep apnea symptoms. One exercise includes pressing your tongue on the roof of the mouth and keeping it for several minutes.

As you are now aware, effective treatment options do exist for managing your sleep apnea. Apply all that you have learned from the preceding paragraphs, and you can begin benefiting from a sound slumber. The rest of your life will fall back into place very easily once you have your sleep problems under control.